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Different Types of Software

There are different types of software that is used in many applications today. You may not understand much about software other than software is what tells your computer what to do. Don’t feel bad about that. If you knew as much about software as we did, you wouldn’t need us. Of course, you understand that Microsoft Office and Norton Anti-Virus are software that powers your hardware to aid you in writing a presentation or protecting your computer from evil intentions, but understanding a little more about different types of software can help you make a more informed decision of what software development can do for your business and what problems it can solve to make your business stand out in a competitive industry and to make it more profitable.

Software can power your computer to do just about anything you want or need done. Software helps your business with things like accounting and/or tax preparation. Mail management and contact management software is prevalent in most businesses today. It’s this type of software that helps keep SPAM out of your inbox. Can you imagine if someone hadn’t dreamed up software to keep unwanted emails out of your inbox? It started with a simple idea by someone tired of junk mail that turned to software for a solution to the problem. That’s how software works. Find the problem, design a software solution. Problem solved.

There’s photo taking, sharing and editing software that has infiltrated every aspect of modern technology today. You can’t pick up a cellphone, go to a social media site or skim a magazine (because of air-brushed pictures) without seeing the evidence of competent photo software designed these days. Gone are the days of a point-and-click Kodak where half your pictures come back over-exposed, because today you can take a picture, edit, filter, approve and upload instantly for all the world to see. Software is responsible for every step of that scenario.

Businesses, factories, and industries small and wide should bow down daily and give thanks to the software engineers who have made information easily accessible and adaptable for almost every profitable purpose under the sun. Of course, software can be used negatively as well. Computer viruses would be good example of that, or your employee who takes software designed for positive purposes, like video games, and plays them on company time. That’s probably considered a negative use in most employers’ minds. But all in all, software has improved our lives beyond recognition from as little as 20 years ago. So take a minute and think about what problem you need solved in your business, or something that needs improvement for productivity and you may be looking at an industry revolutionizing idea in the making. No idea is too small, or problem too unimportant.

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!

What You Need To Know Before You Buy New Software

Do you know what you need to know before you buy new software? You made the decision to switch from a package software product, to enhance software you are already using or to finally start automating things in your business, so now what do you do? Below are a few things to consider before hiring a software development company that will be tasked with a crucial project that could potentially help your company grow. Be smart. Don’t waste your money!

Seek well-rounded experienced developers.

In business today an edge is needed, like being an industry leader or having a customer experience so great that word spreads almost virally. Your edge should be considered and built into every business decision you make, including your software development. It is difficult to get an edge in software development if you don’t have a well-rounded and experienced developer. Not only should new software be designed with capabilities even you can’t imagine, but the code needs to function as designed and be tested and refined and well-rounded experienced developers know how to plan for this and execute it well.

Don’t go for the cheapest.

Imagine that you are being sued by a large corporation and they seek millions of dollars which could send you into bankruptcy potentially causing you to lose your house, car and all your worldly possessions. Would you hire the cheapest lawyer you could find? No, of course you not. Nor should you skimp when developing new software. Maybe it should be stated that ESPECIALLY when developing software, you shouldn’t skimp. Though developing new software can easily fall in your budget, it’s not an expense you want to pay more than once when it’s not necessary. Do it once, and do it right, and then you will only have to pay to maintain it with ongoing developments are needed. Usually you get what you pay for, so if cheap is the determining factor in your software project, you will more than likely be disappointed with the final product, or even worse if it doesn’t meet your needs. The project was most likely born out of need, and if your needs aren’t met, what was the point?

Consider remote talent.

In this internet age, you don’t have to be limited to using the best because of geography. Try searching for talent in other areas. People of the same geographical region can start to think alike, and when you’re trying to create something new, fresh ideas are paramount. This doesn’t mean that the best isn’t on your street. It simply means that the best person for the job may be across the country. Don’t limit yourself because you didn’t think outside your zip-code.

Know what you want and who to hire.

You don’t have to know everything you want in order to get it, but before your project is too far into the design phase, you should know what you want in order to know what you’re getting. What this means is, you will come to the table with ideas and your developer will give you some as well and then you have to decide what you want the engineer to actually produce for you. Once you know what you want, you need to take a hard look at the developer. Does he specialize in what you want or is he an expert to deliver that product to you? You should know what it is you want, and know that the person you hire can deliver it to you, as promised. Do your due diligence!

Calling All Silicon Prairie Companies

Calling all Silicon Prairie Companies: SXSW has us wondering how many Silicon Prairie businesses are living up to their reputation. There are Silicon Prairie companies representing our moniker at SXSW, but we need to remember that we are called the Silicon Prairie for a reason. In the Midwest is an area rich in entrepreneurship whereas it’s also accompanied with an information technology edge; hence the coined term ‘Silicon Prairie’.  How does your Midwest company measure up to Silicon Prairie expectations?

When evaluating the direction for your company’s future, do you take technology into account? If you’re going to be a leader in your industry, you should stay ahead of the IT curve. Do you offer your customer an online interactive experience with your company or product? Do you have your business processes streamlined enough to make each experience for your customer a smooth and positive experience? If you answered no to either of these questions, and you are a Silicon Prairie company, then you should seriously consider changing your goals.  Most entrepreneurs don’t go into business thinking they want to build a small company and barely eek out a living. Go big or go home.

Custom developed software can be that difference in your company. Software is a viable solution for many of today’s businesses looking to take their company to the next level. It really doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, because it can still be improved by software developed with your future goals and needs in mind. So, next time you proudly tell someone you are a Silicon Prairie business, be confident that you are a cutting edge business helping define Silicon Prairie at its best. Think of where your business could go, then call us. If you can dream it, we can code it!

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!

Software is a Big Deal These Days: Software Development and the Customer Experience

Software is a big deal these days. In the olden days of software, consumers had to get in their cars, drive to a store where they would discuss with a salesperson all the ins and outs of different software before deciding on one in which they would pay for and then take home and install on their desktop. Gone are those days. You are living in an era where tons of free software is available to customers in order to enhance their experience and entice the buyer. If you are operating your business with limited software available to your client, then you may be limiting your sales. The buying experience certainly drives future sales, and old school business techniques can be a turn-off in this fast paced technological society. Buyers want everything now with a touch of a button sitting in their pajamas at home.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, whether you’re a wholesale ceramic tile importer or you’re an engineering firm, you don’t want to be behind the industry eight ball at all cost. There are ways to streamline your business processes while keeping your customer purchasing. Custom software development takes all your needs into account while building your ideas of where the business could go in the future. This has positive effects for both the business employees and the customer. Using our same examples from above, imagine your software taking orders online from a tile setter who can’t sleep at 2 am, and your software checks inventory, figures tax, shipping and any other costs before charging a card that the tile setter stores in your system, informs the customer when the pick up or delivery could be made while suggesting point-of-purchase related upsells based on related items to their sale. Think of coming in every morning to orders ready to be fulfilled and you didn’t have to pay someone to take the order, check with the warehouse worker on inventory, write up an invoice, enter the data into the system, run the credit card… The automation can be limitless! The customer experience is priceless.

This is a fast paced nation of consumers lacking patience. Get an edge on the customer experience. Software development provides amazing software solutions that may have been beyond your realm of comprehension, because you’re not a software engineer. Talk to a professional software developer today to get an idea of how to streamline your business processes while reinventing your customer’s experience. Be a leader in your industry!

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!