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Custom Software Development Can Make You More Profitable

Custom software development can make you more profitable. There are lots of ways to increase profits, but properly managing your inventory is paramount for growth and profitability. If as a business owner, you don’t know exactly what your inventory looks like at all times, then you are at a big disadvantage in the marketplace. Poorly selling products eat up profits in the form of storage. If you aren’t turning that inventory at least 2-3 times a year, then it’s taking up space in your warehouse to not only turn a profit, but to take up the space of another item that would turn a profit…it’s a huge opportunity cost; or should we say a huge opportunity lost.

Analyzing your inventory data can tell you quite a bit if you can get your hands on it. Tracking your inventory through software built with your needs in mind can tell you things like how long items have been on your shelves, and if it’s been too long, then you know you need to mark them on sale or incentivize sales somehow. Analyzing inventory data can also tell you your best and fastest selling items and what items are most profitable.

Inventory processes can be linked to other processes in your software to accommodate your exact business needs. Link to shipping for on the spot freight charges calculated on the spot as your customer is ordering. Link to the accounting department and save employee time by circumventing double-entries.

It’s fundamental to say that least that if you manage your stock in line with your customer’s demands that your business will be operating at an optimum level. Custom developed software takes all your needs, wants and existing software and/or processes and automates functionality to give you the results you need and the ability to run your company more efficiently.

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!


App to Manage Employees, Track Jobs, and Record Details Better

Do you need help to manage employees, track jobs, and record details better? A simple answer could be “there is an app for that!”
Having an app for your business could manifest itself to be a tracker of time for employees allowing a streamline of data that corresponds to the bidding or billing process. Imagine, 1 program that helps a salesman bid the job providing printable forms with pricing, also uses geo-tracking to give a technician directions to get to the job, tracks time the technicians spend on a job and can bill and take credit cards and process said data into an accounting software.

There are service companies across the United States that could truly set themselves out as industry leaders by employing the latest technology into an app while simultaneously improving the business and its bottom line. Think of the hundreds of (insert service companies here) HVAC companies in the thousand different markets across the nation that could have access to up-to-the-minute data on the happenings of multiple technicians out in the field. GPS could locate a technician at any given time, and with your company app, a work time clock can even keep track of minutes spent per job. This truly is software development in all its glory!

At the end of the job, the HVAC technician (as used in the example above) can use the bidding information from the initial salesman to bill them and/or charge the homeowners credit card onsite. All information regarding the transaction is stored in the accounting piece of the software, and voila! From beginning of the sales cycle to the end, all the information is easily accessible through your internal facing app developed specifically for your business. This means, an app that is used for private purposes for the internal side of your business, and is not for public use.

 If you have questions about an app for your business, let us know.

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!

Software Development on Big Data

According to an article in Software Development on big data, Alexandra Weber Morales writes, “Google, Apple and Amazon epitomize this content-delivery era, though the search-engine giant is the only one built primarily on data analytics.” She goes on to quote Tim O’Reilly, “data is the new oil, the question isn’t where to find it, but what to ask it”. 
What does that mean for business owners? We are now in the information age, and data is important information, so it becomes your focus to acquire data and do something innovative and profitable with it.  Business owners often undervalue a database, but the right algorithm can turn your data into profit if you get creative.  What do your customers want that they can’t get somewhere else? Answer that question, and combine it with the right algorithm and data, and your business will take off tomorrow.
“We’re about to get into the third stage of this industry, where algorithms are going to take control. The companies that can run algorithms at scale are the ones that are going to grow faster.” Bruno Aziza, Alpine Data Labs’ Chief Marketing Officer has said. Be on the pioneering edge of that, not trailing behind. You have a lot more data than you know, like data on your products, data on your clients, and industry data. Develop ideas on capturing more data, and what you can do with it. Next, talk to an algorithm expert (software engineer / software developer). Find the right combination and you’ll find your million dollar idea.

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!

Your Software May Be Causing You to Lose Out on Customers

Your software (or lack thereof) may be causing you to lose out on customers. You are living in a digital age where a consumer can order a customized “anything”, any time at their convenience, choosing from available inventory, while calculating shipping and practically shipping itself to the new customer’s doorstep. With some companies, appointments can be made online for services (ie cable, pest control, maintenance) by the customer, syncing with the technician’s calendar for when the technician is available in the customer’s area. Ordering custom made products, like baby bibs could even be enhanced with new software, because it could allow the customer to pick out certain parameters of their choice like shape, fabric, trim colors, and custom message.

In the generic scenarios above, a simple business concept is embraced that simplifies and automates the customer experience to the point that the experience is so finely tuned to exactly what your customer wants, it elicits more sales. When a customer can get exactly what they want, when they want it…well, you got an easy sale! We have become a society that feels deserving, and we want everything fast, like yesterday. Now ask yourself, if a customer finds your company’s website online at 4:44 am, what kind of user experience will they have? Will they have questions, and need more information in order to place an order right then and there? Can they even buy anything from you at 4:44 am? If you can’t get their money right then online, you may have just lost the sale.

Don’t fall behind in business today. Don’t be forced out by industry and competition. Maybe it’s time to think about upgrading your online software for customer use. How can custom developed software enhance your customer experience and elicit a sale online? If you’re not sure, talk to a software engineer or a software development company for software solutions for a better customer experience online. Make it easy for the customer to give you their money, and they will.