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Is your software safe across multiple platforms?

Is your software safe across multiple platforms? Hacking is a common topic recently, partly thanks to the recent Sony hack that played out in the news across the globe. Computer security is a complex topic which we are not trying to gloss over or explain thoroughly in 1 blog post, and though we’ve talked about white hats and black hats and security in terms of software in past blog posts, for sake of your time, let’s talk about security over many platforms this time.

No doubt, you have spent time thinking about what you would lose should malicious software attach to your business and how it could affect you and your customers. Let’s explore. Internet security does not begin and end with an anti-virus program. You need to make sure your accounting software, inventory, and financial information is protected from every angle AND on every platform. Is your company weakness through a mobile site or external application? It is important when developing new software and applications that you give serious concern to internet security.

Your software engineer should be able to talk intelligently and in more depth with you about this topic. Hackers are increasingly searching for cross-platform weaknesses and can infiltrate your security through a variety of weaknesses of other technologies such as Flash, old Word versions, Java, Adobe PDF, Adobe Flash among others. Once into your business there is a bit of chaos they can create, including destroying, hijacking or pirating valuable information that could even result in legal action at most and serious headaches, at least.

As your business grows and you develop new business software to accommodate your growth, security concerns are important. If you would like to talk to an expert regarding your private information and the software systems or online platforms you need or have, we have qualified agents that can help you grow while staying secure.