Software Services

  • Database Design

    A database is the core for most business applications, both web and windows based.
    The design of the database is what determines what an application can and cannot support.
  • Windows Application

    This type of application is more robust than a web-based application, and depending
    on the application, may be able to run without a network connection. Working with
    a large quantity of data, and/or needing a responsive user interface are two of
    the major reasons to choose application development over web development.
  • Web Application

    A web based application has the benefit of not having to be installed, so a user
    can use any computer connected to the network to run the application. Updating the
    server also has the effect of updating everyone using the application, so a web
    based application is generally easier to maintain than a Windows application.
    • Internet

      This is a website which is visible to anyone on the internet. Since the application
      is visible to everyone, security is essential to internet applications.
    • Intranet

      This is a website which is visible to anyone on the company network. Since this
      application should not be visible to the outside world, Windows based authentication
      can be used for security, with an additional level of security in place for administrative
      access. This allows a user to use the application without having to fill out a login
    • Web Service

      A web service allows a third party (a customer for example) to get information from
      you in an automated fashion. No confidential information should be available through
      a web service. For example you may want to have a web-service that gives the current
      price of one of your products, which would allow your customer to integrate your
      current price into their application. Security on a web service should be the same
      level or more restrictive than an Internet site.
  • Windows Service

    Windows services are the behind-the-scenes process that keeps an application running.
    They are used to handle scenarios where there is no user interface driving the process,
    and to backup processes which may error out during normal operations.
  • Console Application

    A console application is designed so it can be run through the command line generally
    with no user interface. These are generally administrative applications which need
    to be run on a computer when it is started.
  • Hosting

    Hosting is allowing a computer maintained by Bunch Consulting to provide functionality
    to an application and/or a website. Benefits include reduced hardware/software costs,
    ISP charges, and necessary maintenance.
    • Website

      For a website to be visible to the public, it needs to be hosted on a computer with
      a static (unchanging) IP address. This allows computers on the internet to find
      the computer that is hosting the website.
    • Application

      Many parts of an application may be run on a remote computer. Application hosting
      can reduce IT costs for maintaining databases. It can also allow for complex operations
      to be run on a more powerful computer, giving the application the strengths of both
      an application and a website.
  • E-Commerce

    • EDI

      Electronic Data Interchange is used to transmit information in a structured format
      between two entities.
    • Online Store

      This is an Internet Website which uses SSL, to provide a secure method for a user
      to shop inventory and check out using an online payment system (credit card, PayPal,
  • Integration

    Getting two applications to “share” data or events is called integration. All applications
    developed by Bunch Consulting can be configured to share a database (preferred method),
    or integrate with third party software. Since there are many scenarios, please let
    us know what you want to accomplish, and we will either explain how it can be done,
    or why it cannot.