App to Manage Employees, Track Jobs, and Record Details Better

Do you need help to manage employees, track jobs, and record details better? A simple answer could be “there is an app for that!”
Having an app for your business could manifest itself to be a tracker of time for employees allowing a streamline of data that corresponds to the bidding or billing process. Imagine, 1 program that helps a salesman bid the job providing printable forms with pricing, also uses geo-tracking to give a technician directions to get to the job, tracks time the technicians spend on a job and can bill and take credit cards and process said data into an accounting software.

There are service companies across the United States that could truly set themselves out as industry leaders by employing the latest technology into an app while simultaneously improving the business and its bottom line. Think of the hundreds of (insert service companies here) HVAC companies in the thousand different markets across the nation that could have access to up-to-the-minute data on the happenings of multiple technicians out in the field. GPS could locate a technician at any given time, and with your company app, a work time clock can even keep track of minutes spent per job. This truly is software development in all its glory!

At the end of the job, the HVAC technician (as used in the example above) can use the bidding information from the initial salesman to bill them and/or charge the homeowners credit card onsite. All information regarding the transaction is stored in the accounting piece of the software, and voila! From beginning of the sales cycle to the end, all the information is easily accessible through your internal facing app developed specifically for your business. This means, an app that is used for private purposes for the internal side of your business, and is not for public use.

 If you have questions about an app for your business, let us know.

It’s another Bunch of ideas brought to reality!